SuJ'n Chon

Hello! I am the principal at Novum Lux which primarily partners with small non-profit organizations led by PGM* and that promote the arts and culture, environmental justice, and organizing of and by their communities. I support nonprofits and community groups in connecting their projects, programs, and activities to their values and mission.

*  People of the Global Majority. Another commonly used acronym is BIPOC, which is defined as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color.

About Me

VALUES. My work is rooted in the principles of social justice and creativity. These values have consistently influenced my project and organization choices throughout my career. Since 1991, I've had the honor of collaborating with diverse communities, including adults with disabilities, families experiencing housing instability, individuals facing food insecurity, immigrants and refugees, working artists, rural communities, and youth from low-income backgrounds. Additionally, I've partnered with organizations committed to addressing inequity within their own structures and communities.

With these values as my foundation, I utilize my nonprofit leadership background to support projects and initiatives aimed at redistributing resources and power to communities that have been historically disadvantaged. I've held management roles in both nonprofit and government sectors, including positions at North Cascades Institute, Grantmakers in the Arts, City of Seattle's Neighborhood Matching Fund and P-Patch Community Gardening Programs, and International District Housing Alliance. At each of these organizations, I have played a pivotal role in advancing racial equity initiatives. Additionally, I have been working as a consultant since 2001, primarily collaborating with foundations, organizations, and agencies that prioritize equity and social justice in their work.

APPROACH. Creativity plays an essential role in my approach, which involves using imagination, managed risk, and resourcefulness.

In every new relationship, I bring forth the values of respect, self-determination, and collaboration. Respect lies at the heart of any healthy relationship, acknowledging the humanity of individuals and groups, along with their skills, experiences, backgrounds, perspectives, and stories. I make it a priority to create an inclusive environment that accommodates clients' unique circumstances, which may involve accommodating limited capacity or childcare needs during meetings.

Client self-determination is paramount. While I may provide information and expertise, the group or organization ultimately makes decisions that align with their best interests, those of their organization, and their community. Collaboration is indispensable to leverage our collective strengths and develop a plan for our project or objective.

My areas of expertise include strategic and program planning, community-based research, grant making, event planning and production, fundraising, and grant writing. 

WHO ELSE AM I? I also identify as an artist, curator, writer, and educator. In 2010, I co-founded IDEA Odyssey, a visual arts collective based in Seattle's Chinatown-International District, with fellow photographers Carina A del Rosario and Minh Carrico. I am a programmer for Seattle International Film Festival's Asian Crossroads and New American Cinema programs, and was an occasional contributor to the International Examiner, the Northwest's oldest nonprofit, pan-Asian Pacific American newspaper. I am currently a board member.

Now residing in a rural county, I serve as a Skagit County Search and Rescue volunteer. 

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