SuJ'n Chon Photography | Novum Lux


28150_415466953763_582408763_5245002_5435663_nI am a Seattle-area photographer, writer, and consultant. I began taking photographs at the age of 15, replaced photography with a (much more affordable) pen-and-ink habit during college as a Fine Arts major, and was seduced back to photography a few years ago by its ever-expansive digital possibilities. I am a co-founder of IDEA Odyssey Gallery, a non-profit visual arts collective devoted to working with emerging artists whose work focuses on diversity, culture, and identity.

Alongside my creative pursuits, I also have worked in human services and community work since 1991. After several years working with adults and children with developmental disabilities, I started working on broader issues of poverty, equality, and justice in Florida and Georgia. While doing community work for Families First and Family Connection Partnership, I earned an M.S.W. at University of Georgia.

In 2001, I returned to my hometown Seattle to work on a Ph.D. in Social Welfare at the University of Washington. I was studying social movements and globalization; in particular, I was interested in the role of geography/place in the exertion of individual and collective power. However, I missed community work and took a leave of absence to work in the field. I managed Meals Partnership Coalition, a network of Seattle & King County emergency meal providers; served as acting Executive Director of International Housing Alliance (since merged with Interim Community Development Association); and managed the Neighborhood Matching Fund and P-Patch Community Gardening Program for Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods. I never did return to finish my Ph.D.

In 2011, I launched Novum Lux and work primarily on projects that reside in the intersection of arts, community and social change.